In Turkey watchman clock
starts with us…

Famous German Clockman Johann Meyer has founded our company in 1878. We focus on workforce managent for a decade and evolve it each year, we specialized in Guard Tour and Task Control for 100 years.

Watchman Clock – Mechanical

Our first watchman model, Model 30, was developed by placing a key on the points to be checked on the guards' patrol route. When the guard arrives at these checkpoints, the key's entery time is written to the watch's report as soon as the fixed keys are in the clock. It is possible to learn from the paper strip inside the clock about which points were checked and which check points are skipped. The model reached over 200,000 users and broke the all-time record.

Watchman Clock – Electronic

With the development of electronic technology, the watchman clocks started to be used electronically. Model 60 reached 50,000 users.

Security Patrol Device

In Turkey, the first computer connected magnetic security patrol control system,the Model Powercheck 3002 was developed. Its been imported from Morse company a key control product service in the United States with the solution partnership of Meyer. It reached over 10,000 users.

Security Patrol Device

The first series produced by the Meyer brand, GT2s, has a different place in the Guardware family with its contactless reading feature and impact sensor.

Security Patrol Terminal

The model provided the ease of being able to keep track of the security personnel with the Google map via GPS data. With the integrated SIM card, the ability to share all reading points and emergency event notifications instantly with the center has brought great innovation to the sector.

Security Patrol Terminal

Meyer branded Security Patrol Control terminals with GPS, SIM card and display feature were produced and put into service for Turkish users.

Security Patrol Terminal

Guardware application developed on hand terminals with Windows mobile operating system and created detailed event notifications.

Workforce Managment

The latest and most intelligent member of the guardware family. The new generation security system works on cloud and android technologies. With the highly advanced executive panel and mobile app, it communicates all the movements and notifications of the security personnel in the field in real time and visually.