everything you need for workforce management!

Idenfit family is made of many powerful modules needed for total workforce management. This saves your time using different platforms to manage all your needs.

Security - Audit modules and more will let you have complete control over your workforce.


Talk module, also known as push-to-talk, has been produced exclusively for companies need to have one to one communication or group communication via data line.

You can communicate by voice or video calls also by messaging one to one or group.

Repeat last 50 announcements
Create speech groups (channels)
Create roles and assign roles to people
Admins can bypass all announcements
Video call capability
Talk to authorized users simultaneously
Listen to all conversations from web panel
Voice or video call with people on the field from the web


Task module helps companies to assign tasks and control them. Controling the manpower with task management module is easy and efficent. You can assign any roles and tasks to people any time. You can track the task status in realtime. You can request photo or video during the task and confirm the task is done properly.

Assign role and authority to people with role creation feature
Create daily, weekly or monthly routine task lists
Instant task creation and reporting feature
Ability to take a snapshot or video of the task and share it with the staff
Ability to check whether the task is fulfilled
Ability to request photos or video from the staff


Audit module is a powerful audit module can check the tasks and the people at the field. You can score the work and the quality of the work in detail. You can also create unlimited check forms and fill them at the field. The total score will show the performance of the staff and the quality of the task done.

Keeping audit notes
Create evaluation categories
Create question groups for each category
Create audit reports
Assigning points to staff and staff


Clean module helps companies to check and make sure the the cleaning operations are done perfectly. Shopping malls, cafe etc. where human circulations are intense, hygiene is very important.

Cleaning work can be tracked and reported in regular periods via Clean Module. The staff can share the photos or videos about the work they done.

High risk business environments can lead to serious work accidents if precautions are not taken or ignored. Auditing health and safety factors are the major obligational responsibilty of the companies. Accidents due to the negligence of the staff let companies face high penalties. Safety Module helps compaines to make sure HSE rules are followed right.

HSE Adminstrators can be monitor the facilites and audit them and report the missing HSE rules via photo or video. Maximum safety is targeted through the Safety module, which acts as a deterrent to non-compliance.